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Solutions in Screens

Connecting Brands and Businesses with People


  • led

    LED Screens

    We are a leading expert in LED screen technology responsible for installing nearly 1500 m² of digital screens this year. Our boffins have developed lightweight, low power, cutting edge products of our own with built in real time ‘proof of play’. We also have an exclusive European distribution deal with global screen giants Philips for its Showall range. The size of the sign can vary from 40cm² up to almost any requirement.

    We have recently installed 2x 90m² signs on the M25 for one of our clients.

    We have LED products that can be used in all locations and the pixel pitch can vary from 0.75 – 5.0mm usually for indoor and 8mm – 20mm for outdoor screens.

    The SIS Digital off-the-shelf LED digital signage product range is nearly ready and will be launched in 2016. Use our contact page for news and product alerts.

    If you’re looking for cost-effective LED screen solutions, contact our expert team, now, on 0203 405 5742

  • lcd

    LCD Screens

    Digital signage is all about communication. Understanding the range of products available to deliver that message is our job. We are independent in our recommendations and work with a range of the world’s leading manufacturers in order to find you the best LCD product for your  budget.

    The dimension and specification of the LCD screens we work with range between 10” and 98” in size and can be HD or Ultra HD 4K technology.  

    Advances in LCD display mean that it is now good enough to be used outdoors. For true ‘sunlight readable displays’ we supply a range of ‘high bright’ displays. These digital signs have maximum brightness ratings up to 7,000 cd/m².  

    We have an extensive range of LCD products for a variety of uses. Please visit our Screens sections

  • system design

    System Design and Installation

    Supplying screens is only a part of what we do. Closing Europe’s busiest motorway for six hours, while installing the two Chiswick Towers for Transport For London, certainly raises the heart rate and concentrates the mind! 

    Meticulous design and planning, from start to finish, ensured that the SIS Digital team landed the two monster structures with four screens, on time and to budget.

    We pride ourselves on offering a full turnkey service, from structural calculations and drawings, through to manufacture, installation and maintenance. Whether designing screen surrounds for restaurant Digital Menu Boards, or constructing huge, galvanised steel structures, SIS Digital will apply a wealth of proven experience and expertise.

    SIS Digital helps business or media owners every step of the way – ensuring that, when the project is completed, they have the best possible digital screen solution. Find out for yourself – call 0203 405 5742, today.




  • content

    Content Production

    The SIS Digital team understands that, for all brands and businesses, delivering the right message to the right customers, through the right media, is essential for success.

    We partner with creative agencies on behalf of our clients to ‘tailor make’ creative content for the screens we design, build and install. Whether it’s static images, full-motion video or animation, we can produce innovative content which punches your messages home, by maximising the capabilities of the screens.

    You’ll be pleased to learn that SIS Digital production costs are competitively priced, and we can accommodate a wide range of budgets. To discuss costs, budgets and creative solutions, call us, now, on 0203 405 5742.


  • content management

    Content Management

    We live in an age of dynamic content that can be updated and changed at a moment’s notice to ensure your messages are always relevant to your target audience.

    SIS Digital’s content partner manages over 20,000 pieces of content a year, reaching over 50 million people a week through the screens we’ve designed, built and installed. Content messages range from ‘big picture’ brand messages on our Roadside Screens to smaller ‘call to action’ instructions on our Point of Sale Touchscreens.

    Our systems are flexible, so the content can be managed at national, regional or local level, by us, or by you and your employees. Whatever your content and whatever your messages, we have the systems and the expertise to ensure it reaches your customers. Call us, now, on 0203 405 5742.

  • maintenance

    Support & Maintenance

    Once SIS Digital has installed a digital screen or a network of screens, we are very happy to offer Service Level Agreements, which provide our customers with complete peace of mind. Under the SLAs, we service our screens regularly to ensure they always look stunning and achieve a long, healthy life span. 

    Should you need them, our service team are on call 24/7


  • innovation

    Innovation & Consultancy


    You are experts in your business and we are experts in everything that is digital signage. For that reason, we are very happy to offer advice and help in a consultancy capacity to ensure that you purchase the correct product for your business requirements.

    Digital screen technology is progressing at a great rate. Our boffins keep abreast of all the cutting edge developments, so that you don’t have to.

  • Trade in

    Trade In

    If you are upgrading an existing LED or LCD screen or network, SIS Digital can help, both physically and financially. We will offer you a trade-in value for your existing hardware against the CapEx of any screens or equipment you buy from us.

    We will also remove any unwanted hardware and fixings, before installing your new screen or network.