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5 Ways Digital Menu Boards Can Improve Your Restaurant


5 Ways Digital Menu Boards Can Improve Your Restaurant


With RestTechLive just around the corner (September 27th-28th), the SIS DIGITAL team discuss the Digital Menu Boards and just how effective they can be for improving your restaurant:

1. They Reduce Waiting Times

Nobody likes to queue…particularly when hungry! Digital Menu Boards provide your waiting customers with visually engaging content that boosts the opportunity for up-sale, streamlines the waiting experience and has been shown to reduce perceived waiting times by as much as 35%

2. They’re Eye-Catching and Influential

As humans, our eye is drawn to motion and light; with over 65% of people finding animated content more eye-catching than print. Digital Menu Boards transform traditional, static and unresponsive menus into vibrant, eye catching sales tools that 29.5% of customers find directly influential for purchases.

3. They’re Simple and Adaptable

Promoting that delicious summer salad when, out of nowhere, the weather turns completely? 
Digital Menu Boards allow restaurants to update content instantly; reacting to the weather, time of day, local events, and other demographics that can affect sales, at the touch of a button. 

4. They’re GREAT for Restaurant and Fast-Food Chains

Big Restaurant Chains love Digital Menu Boards and with Burger King reporting a 64% rise in sales in just 12 months after installing them in it’s London and Birmingham outlets, it’s easy to see why! 
The ability to manage an entire network of screens from anywhere with an internet connection means branding is always consistent and promotions can be rolled-out instantly nationwide.

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5. They’re Cost Effective and Boost Sales

Unlike traditional static menus, Digital Menu Boards have no on-going print or shipping costs. None.
The ability to manage content remotely reduces staff down-time and the screens can even be used to aid in staff training.
Social media integration can boost brand awareness and reach (in addition to market research) and the ability to seamlessly tie content to local events will keep the local community, and trade, on-side and engaged. 
Quite simply, Digital Menu Boards are a must-have investment for almost any restaurant; whether you are looking at single screens or a fully integrated display and Touch-Screen ordering system – and with Digital Signage continuing to grow and customers reporting sales increases of 40-60%, it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down.


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