Digital Sign Solutions

Digital Sign Solutions - Make A Splash With A Totem

Digital sign solutions are, ideally, tailored to the needs of the client. Some signage solutions are more appropriate for advertising than others, while some businesses have different ideas about how they could or should use digital media in order to best promote their company. Totem signs are one of the most recognisable marketing tools around.

Indoor and outdoor, totem digital signage solutions are everywhere. If you’ve been to a shopping centre recently, you might have seen a small digital totem sporting a map of the centre. Perhaps it was giving information about a forthcoming event or filing you in on the latest news from the outside world. As with all digital signage, totem signs can provide varied information to audiences. This can be purely for informational purposes or to market products and services to them. Totems are also used to great effect outdoors, at the roadside or in public spaces. They can be used to display information about upcoming events, for instance, that councils and public bodies wish to advertise with signs. Equally, they can be used with much success for roadside advertisement or to encourage drivers to turn off at the next exit and visit your business. Totem signage is an innovative as other forms of digital sign. It can be manipulated, either by you or a third party, to display what you need it to and when. They can also be used for multiple purposes and to show different kinds of visual media. The possibilities are endless when it comes to digital signage solutions.

SIS Digital are specialists in manufacturing and delivering bespoke totem digital sign solutions. We know that every client’s needs are different so we endeavour to treat each one as an individual. So, if you’re looking for a totem digital sign for either indoor or outdoor use, contact us by phone on 0203 405 5750 or visit