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Digital Sign Media For Different Markets And Companies

Digital sign products can make all the difference to how much exposure and revenue a company gets and it is one of the most profitable forms of advertising available today. As such, it is employed by all types and sizes of companies; and providers of digital signage are in very high demand in the competitive business world. Whatever you are offering to your customers, having it advertised in the clearest quality signs with the latest in digital technology and hardware will certainly give you the edge. Outlined in this article are how just a few different markets can make use of digital advertising technology.

Digital Signage For The Retail And Hospitality Sectors

One of the central components of any major retailer’s strategy in this day and age is the use of digital signage. Brand awareness is what makes or breaks a company and the use of digital signage solutions to maximise visual impact on customers is seen as a fundamental way of being not only noticed but also being chosen over competitors. This strategy now favoured by eighty percent of UK retailers, and it is easy to see why. The use of digital sign boards is something that customers find informative, with 42% of consumers saying they prefer shopping in places with these kinds of video displays. The combination of using digital media to spread your company message along with strong TV, print and web-based advertising is a tried and tested way to see your company excel amongst your competitors. Hospitality is another market that is helped tremendously by the continuing advances in advertising technology. Restaurants and hotels always see the advantages of digital business signs in highlighting the services and amenities available to their customers. A great variety of information can be placed on these signs, such as the location of nearby places of interest, or schedules for listed activities or entertainment on offer at a particular venue. By providing clear and concise information in real-time, hospitality venues of all shapes and sizes maximise the comfort and enjoyment of their customers’ experience and build a solid reputation. The use of digital advertising is crucial in providing this information in an up-to-date and impressive manner.

How Travel And Leisure Companies Can Make Use Of Business Digital Signs

The leisure and travel industries are among the biggest proponents of LED digital signs across the entire business community. When people visit places like museums or art galleries, they can now see stunning displays that will enhance their experience wonderfully. Museums may have interactive touch screen displays for certain exhibitions, while historic sites can provide whimsical video tours of the past through the medium of business digital signs. Information provided instantaneously through electronic platforms is a must in the modern leisure industry and a technologically proficient attraction or popular destination will go far. Theme parks can show videos and HD quality pictures of the most exciting rides; and sports stadiums can show the action happening in stunning detail to all areas of the crowd. A digital sign can also work wonders for travel companies who are looking to highlight the various locations they offer holiday packages for in crystal clear resolution. By using display billboards, digital totems and virtual mannequins, travel companies can present all kinds of information that tourists and travellers require before making their journeys. This is a brilliant technique for displaying places of interest, local bars, restaurants and entertainment venues and can be used in strategic locations such as train stations, airports and city centres. The content can also be changed and adapted into different languages for maximum efficiency to travellers. For a digital solutions provider that is trusted by clients from all these markets and more, why not contact SIS Digital to see why we are a leader in the industry?

SIS Digital - Leading Provider Of Digital Sign Technology

Digital sign manufacture and installation is one of the best methods for different industries to display and project their messages to the world. At SIS Digital, we have clients from a diverse range of industries, from Samsung and Philips to Google Chrome and Apple, who have trusted us to bring their brand to life. We can and will do the same for you if you choose us to represent your company and take it forward. To find out more about what we offer in terms of digital signage and beyond, visit our website at or call 0203 405 5750 to speak to a member of our team.