Digital Signage Solutions For Schools

Digital Signage Solutions For Schools In The UK

Digital signage solutions for schools in the UK and beyond are increasingly popular. Digital media has long been used in classrooms to promote learning, but the possibilities brought forward by digital signage and the innovations in LED screen technology mean that this form of media is perfect outside of the classroom as well.

Technological advances have brought down the costs of LED digital signage solutions to the point where even the smallest companies and schools are able to consider them. For a school, they may find that they have a particular set of needs. One example is that a school may want to display updated information or reminders to parents as they drop their children off on a morning. A freestanding digital totem sign could provide this. Alternatively, a roadside sign advertising forthcoming school events could be fruitful. Or what about installing digital signage on the sports field to keep track of all those sports sessions and matches? Children are more likely to be engaged by the digital. It’s all around them. So having interactive noticeboards in cafeterias or libraries can capture their attention in a way traditional media simply can’t. They can also be used to display different types of content. For instance, the versatility of digital signs means that you can show information geared at parents one day and information for students the next. You can use digital boards to help your staff, perhaps to assist in staff training days, and you can use a variety of media such as text, image and video on the same display.

At SIS Digital, we have supplied and installed digital signs in schools across the UK. Our digital signage solutions for schools are geared towards the needs of the particular school in question so, to get an idea of what we could do for you, take a look at our website at Alternatively, you can call direct to discuss your ideas on 0203 405 5750.