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Digital Signage Solutions UK Wide Can Be Energy Efficient

Digital signage solutions UK wide are used effectively by a range of businesses and organisations for a variety of purposes. However, one of the questions at the forefront of any business decision in the modern era is whether digital signage is relatively energy efficient, when we’re so worried about the planet.

In fact, LED digital signage is more energy efficient than traditional forms of digital signage for several reasons. LEDs last up to ten times longer than older forms of lighting source. As a consequence, your digital signage will last longer. A primary complaint of traditional digital signs was the amount of energy they used. Modern LED digital signage solutions aim to reduce that dramatically, with the most reputable digital sign suppliers and manufacturers across the globe working hard to maximise energy efficiency. The actual energy consumption of the individual LEDs is also something that scientists are working on. They have already made great strides in development, with the LEDs available for digital signs today using half of the energy of those available just a few years ago. Time can only bring more technological advancements, meaning that installing LED signage now could be a step towards an even more energy efficient future. It’s also true that reputable manufacturers and suppliers of digital signage solutions are alert to their ‘green’ responsibilities. They will generally take the burden of recycling and reusing components upon their own shoulders and do so in an environmentally friendly way that protects the planet as best they can.

SIS Digital are proud to be one of the leading innovators in digital signage solutions UK wide. We’re constantly striving to make our signage as energy efficient as possible and we’re happy to talk about the efficiency of our current options. To learn more, why not visit our website at or call 0203 405 5750?