Digital Signage

Digital Signage And How It Is A Benefit For Businesses

Digital signage is a rapidly growing industry that provides the optimum in great publicity opportunities for businesses across the UK and worldwide. Digital signs can be designed and manufactured to suit each client’s particular requirements, and so they are an ideal way of tailoring visual marketing to the millions who view them. Installed in high profile, high footfall locations across the country, digital sign solutions are increasingly sought after to transmit messages and information in a timely, engaging manner. This article gives an overview of why such signage is important, what’s available on the market today and how it can be utilised.

Why Companies Opt For Digital Sign Advertising

When asking why you may want to consider digital sign advertising to market your business, you should consider how strong a competitive player you want to be in your market. Put simply, we live in a largely digital world now, and the business community is always seeking to take advantage of the best technology available. Of course, billboards and video screens for advertising are not new in and of themselves, but the quality of such displays, in and out of doors, has improved dramatically in recent years. Today, LED digital display signs provide stunningly clear and high resolution quality to videos and pictures. Your customers, used to their HD TVs, tablets, smartphones and pcs, expect increasingly sophisticated forms of on screen advertising that maximise the use of technology. And your competitors are already using it. So why not you? More than that, digital signage offers unique opportunities to get your messages across. Digital displays are eye-catching. They engage the interest of passers-by and hold their attention longer than the average poster. Further, they can be interactive, prolonging the contact between you and your potential customer. They’re easy to update with fresh information almost immediately. And the possibilities for content are limited only by your creativity.

Digital Signage Solutions - Billboards Available For All Sizes Of Business

So what’s available out there? The good news is that there is a solution for practically every type and size of business. Large-scale companies with a substantial advertising budget can benefit greatly from large format LED display billboards, for instance. This is a familiar and a key way of communicating messages and products to potential customers. But digital signage solutions are no longer the preserve only of multinational corporations. Affordable LED display signs in smaller sizes such as a digital kiosk are appropriate for anywhere from an independent retail outlet to hotels and restaurants. They can do everything from signposting to businesses in a retail park to providing fully interactive menus for ordering in fast food restaurants. Messages can be static or constantly changing. In short, the best digital signage solutions are adaptable to meet any client’s needs. This is done through a specialist process of design and manufacture. LED display billboards are now more lightweight than ever and utilise low power technology. Yet the resolution of images has also improved beyond measure, making images every bit as sophisticated and sharp as your hi-tech users and viewers would expect. Essentially, they are an invaluable marketing tool, able to convert neutral audiences into paying customers in almost any environment.

Effective Utilisation Of Digital Sign Products

There are as many different solutions provided by digital signs for business as there are organisations that can profit from them. How could you use them in your field? Of course, the best reason for employing digital signage is to enhance awareness of your brand. Not only can you introduce your business and company ethos, you can target messages to audiences about the product lines you offer or services you provide. Going one step further, signs can introduce specific marketing messages such as announcing discounts and special offers on particular lines. Further still, introduce an interactive element and customers can input information about themselves to received personalised, targeted offers and suggestions. Alternatively, companies can utilise information they have already gathered about existing customers – previous purchases and usual shopping habits, for instance - to tailor recommendations directly to an individual shopper. However, even without explicit sales messages, a digital sign is an impressive ambassador for your business when used for entertainment purposes. Images live longer in your audience’s memory than printed media. Some companies, having invested in the technology, can increase their ROI by leasing out advertising space to third parties. Others can reduce staffing costs by employing digital menu screens to do the selling for them. The possibilities are endless.

Installation And Maintenance Of Digital Signage Solutions

Once you have decided on the type of digital display that could enhance your marketing, the next steps are design, manufacture and installation. Depending on location, this latter stage brings complexities of its own. Structural calculations may need to be made as to where the sign will be implemented and how it will stand alongside existing infrastructure. Planning permission may be required if it is to be erected outdoors; road closures may need to be negotiated if the digital sign solution is to stand close to a carriageway, for example. Then we come to content. The beauty of digital signage solutions is that they can be changed to respond to emerging situations and opportunities. Management of your sign’s content is an ongoing task if you are to maximise the benefits from your investment. And what about routine maintenance? Ideally, your sign will be regularly serviced and maintained to ensure it remains as fresh and functional as it was on the day you invested in it. Don’t worry about the detail, though. There are digital signage companies out there who can offer turnkey solutions, providing everything from initial evaluation to ongoing management. One such company that stands out above the rest is SIS Digital.

Digital Signage Done By The Best At SIS Digital

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of digital signage, we at SIS Digital can offer you an expert, fully managed service, from design through manufacture and installation to ongoing maintenance. We’ll learn about your business and your specific goals and work with you to deliver exactly what you need to enhance your marketing through the best in digital signage solutions. Our extensive portfolio of work and satisfied customers of all sizes and types are testament to our skills and expertise If you’re interested in finding out more, call us on 0203 405 5750 or visit our website, today.