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Digital menu boards


SIS Digital Menu Boards have a unique ability to influence consumers’ spending at the point of sale. Changing menu boards used to mean spending money on reprinting, but now, with our Digital versions, you have no print costs at all.

The Day Part Menu Function gives you the ability to seamlessly change content depending on the time of day, you can make as many changes as you like, as often as you like. Our Digital Menu Boards allow you to add new product lines or prices to your menus, with just a few clicks – and you can react instantly to weather, or other demographics that affect sales. You always have full control of the content, which can be changed locally or remotely, via your head office.

We can also configure your SIS Digital Menu Boards to interact with touchscreen order technology, saving yet more time and money.

Call SIS Digital today, on 0203 405 5750, to talk through how our Digital Menu Boards can improve your business.