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Virtual Mannequin


SIS Digital Virtual Mannequins are an engaging and cost-effective way to communicate with customers, visitors and guests.

Your SIS Digital Virtual Mannequin consists of life-size laser cut-out – full or half-body – with digital video projection onto the face. The Virtual Mannequin can be customised to be you, a member of your staff, or a professional actor. Facial expressions and lip movements are accurately synced to the recorded message.

Our Virtual Mannequins are ideal for messages, such as safety warnings, that need to be repeated at regular intervals.

Your Virtual Mannequin will be self-contained – all you need is a power source. They can be multi-lingual, and will operate 24/7 on a continuous loop, without taking a break! It’s quick and easy to update your message, and we have products that can introduce elements of interactivity.

To see how SIS Digital Virtual Mannequins can help your business, contact us, now, on 0203 405 5750.