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LED Screens


We are a leading expert in LED screen technology responsible for installing nearly 1500 m² of digital screens this year. Our boffins have developed lightweight, low power, cutting edge products of our own with built in real time ‘proof of play’. We also have an exclusive European distribution deal with global screen giants Philips for its Showall range. The size of the sign can vary from 40cm² up to almost any requirement.

We have recently installed 2x 90m² signs on the M25 for one of our clients.

We have LED products that can be used in all locations and the pixel pitch can vary from 0.75 – 5.0mm usually for indoor and 8mm – 20mm for outdoor screens.

The SIS Digital off-the-shelf LED digital signage product range is nearly ready and will be launched in 2016. Use our contact page for news and product alerts.

If you’re looking for cost-effective LED screen solutions, contact our expert team, now, on 0203 405 5742