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Transparent LED Display Keeps EmmaPlus Ahead of Trend (Video)


Transparent LED Display Keeps EmmaPlus Ahead of The Trend

These days, shoppers and fashionistas alike expect a state-of-the-art shopping experience.
With Digital Signage being credited for improving brand awareness by 48%, it’s easy to see how the ever-growing technology can increase revenue and give businesses an edge over the competition.

One such business keeping ‘ahead of the trend’ is Brighton UK based fashion store EmmaPlus.
The store, which creates plus-size designer womenswear, recently teamed up with digital signage experts SIS Digital, to install a new Transparent LED Display Window to catch-the-eye of passing shoppers. 

Check out the video below:

The screen itself (the first of it’s kind installed by SIS Digital in the UK), is incredibly bright at 6000 Cdm, whilst being almost entirely transparent; keeping ‘window-shoppers’ happy and allowing 80% of the natural light normally obstructed by traditional signs, into the store.

It operates via a simple Plug & Play system; allowing you to update content and promotions at the touch of a button and putting even the most technophobic businesses at ease.

The screens are available now from SIS Digital

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